Nov 7th, 2019

We are excited to announce Beta version of LIFEX BIO METER App releases on iOS devices (iPhone).

This app aims to be used to connect Healthcare and Token Economy as we project in LIFEX, and supports its users to record their health data, share the recorded data to medical institutions, and be rewarded in digital asset tokens.

There are many of its kind health management applications however, while most lacks of the method to motivate its users to continue with healthy activities, our app are designed to satisfy both users and medical institutions by being able to build and keep its user's motivation, and more importantly create a new local economy sphere by the use of blockchain.

The future where individuals can manage their own health data from different medical sectors without being fragmented, and receive approriate suggestions to maintain one's health on a real-time basis through an single app is just around the corner with our product.

Currently, our beta app is only available on iPhone environment, but we will be working further to enable the support for wider range of people including Android users, so please look forward to our development.

In addition, as to celebrate the launch of our beta app, though we only intend to distribute to our token holders and related medical institutions partners for testing purposes, we will be happy to welcome some testers from the public!
Anybody interested in the oppourtunity are welcome to drop us an email at "" before November 21st 18:00SGT, and first 100 users will be sent with the download link of our app.

There will be no conditions require to be our tester however, please note that at this stage the app is only avaialble for iPhones, and not for Android phones.
The Subject of the email should be "LIFEX beta app tester request".

*There will be no need of submitting any of your personal data through the email, so please leave the message of the email blank.

June 26th, 2019
Update on product development

LIFEX project was founded in a aim to provide people across the world of an appropriate medication and health information for everyone’s healthy and happy life.
In order to achieve above, we are currently under development of LIFEX BC Network, which is an original infrastructure focused on the usage in medical industry to handle information safely by utilizing the blockchain platform.

In addition to the beta version of the LIFEX BC Network released last month, we are currently aiming to release a smartphone health management application as the use case based on LIFEX BC Network Ver1.0 (under preparation for public release).
The app is scheduled to be close-tested by our LFX token holders, so please look forward to the further announcement.

We are under discussion for partnerships with medical organizations in Japan, Hong Kong and other Asian countries, USA and other Medias for adopting our LIFEX BC Network.
We will be developing a token reward function which will credit tokens in return of the user’s contribution on the Network, and an AI network for data analyzing.

We hope to deliver useful information of regenerative medication, latest checkups and clinical trials to our users through the LIFEX BC Network.
Please look forward to our project as we focus on developing an alternative use case of blockchain than payment, in the very time people’s attention is once again coming in to cryptocurrencies.

Apr 11th, 2019
Launch of LIFEX BC Network Beta


We are very excited to announce that in order to “bring healthy life to everyone,” we have released the beta version of LIFEX BC Network, in which we were able to realize decentralized encrypted data storage and its access key which limits the access by utilizing latest blockchain technology.

Users’ health data, including healthcare organization and research reports, will be recorded in LIFEX BC Network. Health data include from general health check to medical data made by experts, on top of basic data recorded in “Apple Health” such as number of steps and heartbeats. As standard system, users who will be in need of treatment in the future will be informed with recommendation of suitable healthcare from the data and matching system. Moreover, it will be an infrastructure that is capable of rewarding proper incentives in the degree of contribution to those of who provided health data, in the event of profit made from pharmaceuticals as a result of research conducted on such data.

Activities to protect copyrights are often seen throughout the modern world. We, LIFEX, believe that users’ health data is one’s precious property and needs to be protected. If someone benefits from using the health data, portion of the value should be given to the health data provider according to contribution level. However, modern healthcare industry does not seem to be able to support this matter, and this circulation system structure can only be realized by utilizing blockchain technology.

Along with upgrading version of LIFEX BC Network, we will connect healthcare organizations and research reports, and add an AI network where all of you can analyze the data. In addition, the system will be tested by partner companies and research institutes. Please look forward to the further progress of the project.


Nov 26th, 2018
LIFEX update

We are announcing phase one LIFEX token offering has ended.

LIFEX project is now able to proceed with its project with support from angel investors and pre-sales.

Due to the synergy of related members, LIFEX is capable of covering large area. Also, to successfully build new generation medical platform which does not exist yet in the blockchain field, LIFEX were expecting to set the lead time longer. Considering the circumstances of crypto field and since it is difficult to construct the whole concept of which LIFEX plans, decision of closing the procurement as phase one were made, believing that making progress for realizing projects is the most important factor.

Therefore, LIFEX is announcing and has begun constructing its own blockchain network.

Development will be operated by a team with the core council, Nakamura, CEO of OKEIOS Inc., subsidiary company of OKWAVE. OKEISO’s lifelog information circulation platform, combination of blockchain and decentralized secret storage technology, has high reputation in Japan. Utilizing its knowledge and the brains of various councilors, LIFEX will construct most efficient LIFEX Blockchain Network for handling medical data with authenticity, maintainability and utilization.

The data acquired from blockchain and its analysis results can be used not only for development of specific medicines and preventive medicine by discovering common points such as diseases in the large universe, but also for regenerative medicine and personalized medicine.

LIFEX will bring solutions for the issues occurred from longer lives, increase in medical expenses, negative effects and other problems within the medical industry by sharing big data, which is obtained from blockchain technology to the world, aiming to enhance the development of new medicine, improve and expansion medical industry.

To create better society from different point of view, we will support LIFEX to bring excitement from medical field. Thank you for the support.

Aug 7th, 2018
Presale Closed!

The presale of Lifex token has now closed!

Thank you for your participation, and we will be updating the next token sale date through our website soon.

July 28th, 2018
Presale and KYC registration is now open!

We are thrilled to announce that the presale and KYC registration for joining has now officially opened!

We ask anyone interested in our project to read our whitepaper very carefully, and only join our sale if qualified.

Thank you for your understanding.

July 9th, 2018
New members in LIFEX and presale date determined

We are excited to announce that there will be new members joining our LIFEX project!

-Mr. Yoshitake Awa (CEO of LIFEX RESEARCH PTE. LTD.)
-Mr. Winston Patrick Eric Koike (Advisor of LIFEX Project)

The changes are to be made to expand the business model of LIFEX project with unique backgrounds in the finance industry of above members.

Also due to the changes, the schedule of LIFEX token sale is rescheduled, and the presale is currently scheduled to take place on July 28th, 2018. We will be updating more information of the sales soon.

Below are the profile of Mr. Awa and Mr. Koike:

Awa has a vast experience and knowledge in financial industry through his 30 years of career in Japan, US and Singapore. He has held various positions at major investment banks and asset managers, such as Nomura Securities, Barclays de Zouete Wedd, BNP Paribas and UOB Asset Management.

Winston Patrick Eric Koike is the Director of AP Investment Advisory Services Pte. Ltd. director of AP Advisory Services Ltd., Kenzo Capital and Kenzo GmbH. From many years of working experiences in Morgan Stanley, HSBC and other large finance group, he continuously have been serving for many partners across the world.

Mr. Awa comments as below:
“I believe that the combination of advance medicine and blockchain technology will be the significant characteristic of LIFEX project. I also think the partnership with I’ROM Group of Japan enables us to enhance the quality of our service because of its wide networks with medical institutions & pharmaceutical companies and achievements in advance medical treatment business. I hope my years of working experience and personal connection cultivated in finance industry can be utilized for the future prosperity of our firm.